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  • With over $1 billion in assets under management, BroadPeak Global is an independent private equity firm dedicated to thoughtfully deploying capital in the global industrials, materials and chemicals sectors, where it has both in-depth expertise and a strong track record

  • Our core strategies consist of opportunistic buyouts and special situations transactions

  • In their individual careers over the last 20 years, BroadPeak's senior professionals have led or participated in investments amounting to over $15 billion in aggregate value across 14 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia 

Core Strategies

  • BroadPeak seeks to pinpoint disconnects between the performance of businesses and their intrinsic values

  • BroadPeak targets leading segment players with strong current or potential international linkages and key distinguishing characteristics, including sustainable barriers to entry and meaningful opportunities for operational enhancement and market expansion​

  • BroadPeak partners with leading strategics to leverage their in-depth industry expertise and access new markets and exit options

Team & Advisors

  • ​BroadPeak’s Co-Founders have worked together since 2014, and launched the Firm after separating from Invesco Private Capital  

  • Based in New York City, BroadPeak is led by senior professionals with significant investing and operating experience as well as extensive industry and regional networks

  • BroadPeak is supported by an Advisory Board comprised of distinguished CEOs, leading executives and experienced operators from the industrials, materials, chemicals and communications sectors

Responsible Investing

  • BroadPeak appreciates the importance of CSR and ESG in today's world. Evaluating these issues is a critical component of our investment process ​

  • BroadPeak believes that strict adherence to CSR and ESG norms improves overall portfolio company performance and enhances returns